Meen Machine is born out of the desire to help creative people thrive. Whether you’re a musician, entrepreneur, designer, artist, writer or photographer. Our mission is simple, to encourage and inspire you and your brand.

Meen Machine is a forward-thinking boutique collective, specializing in branding and creative direction and focused on helping businesses in the creative industry thrive. Launched in 2014 but years in the making, we are three music industry and design veterans who believe that we can impact artists and entrepreneurs the most by helping them tell their stories through compelling visual media and branding. We understand that to survive in today’s digital age, you must be more than just an artist or business owner. You have to be a content creator and marketing strategist — and you simply can’t do it on your own. This is where we’d love to help.

Let us help tell your story to the world.


  • “You're here on this earth for one goal – to touch others with your unique gift and live a full, creative life.”

    Meen Machine


If you’re in it for the long haul, our team is committed to helping you succeed.

An explorer at heart, Obi has spent the latter half of life realizing his passion for life, faith, the arts and individuality. With practice in music industry and creative direction; he's been able to tour the world and work with artists and brands like Tim Armstrong, The Vans Warped Tour and Hurley. Motivated to see the arts thrive, Obi founded Meen Machine to encourage and inspire creativity.
Obi Fernandez

Obi Fernandez

Owner, President

In an agency setting, Ben has helped create visual voices for companies of all sizes, and in nearly every medium. Highly recognized for both design and photography, he strives to inject beauty and value into every project he touches. As a creative thinker and problem solver, he will bring the best out of your brand and bring your vision to life.
Ben Morales

Ben Morales

Art Director, Partner

Eric has spent the last decade working in many different areas of the music business. His work as a drummer has led him to touring, studio, and production work. He also works as a music writer (Modern Drummer Magazine, and an educator, teaching New Jersey's finest high school and college musicians. He is excited to work with young, creative artists as part of MM.
Eric Novod

Eric Novod

Music Supervisor, Partner


If you have big dreams and a burning passion, let us help you make that dream a reality with beautiful, strategic work that rises above the noise.

Graphic Design
Design Thinking is the driving force behind our work. We don’t just make it look pretty. We create thoughtful, strategic designs that work for you.
Art Direction
We’ll guide your brand every step of the way to ensure your unique voice resonates with the right audience and is one of kind.
Film / Photography
Whether you need a promo spot or music video, collaborate with us to put your vision into motion.
Your brand’s identity is its essence and the foundation of your future success. From the logo to its many applications, we will craft it with care and precision.
Music Marketing 
Creating great music is only half the battle for musicians. We can help you promote your band with print and design visuals that can’t be ignored.
Apparel Design
It’s not just ink on fabric. It’s an expression of yourself and an extension of your character. We design apparel that celebrates your individuality.

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We’re alway looking for fresh talent. Show us what you got.

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We’re alway looking for talented persons to join our team.


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